Hi! I'm Channing. I'm so excited to be friends with you!

Let me tell you a secret. A lot of my friends know I'm a writer. They know I love doing yoga and they know that shopping is my cardio. But what most of them don't know is that I'm a truth-teller and a healer.

I'm not here to sell you hippie woo-woo essential oils (though those are kinda cool) or a magic crystal. Instead, what I have is real-life stories, an eye for potential, and a kind, encouraging spirit.

I am a strong believer in the healing power of forgiveness. There have been many challenges in my life that have required me giving and receiving olive branches -a rocky childhood, my marriage, and parenting to name a few.

While I certainly wish that I had come from different circumstances and made different choices, I appreciate and love the lessons I've learned. I've learned to never judge a person by their actions. I've learned to never give up on anyone because there have been those who never gave up on me. I've learned the power of the words, "not yet". I have seen miracles happen in the impossible. I've learned how to listen to people's stories and see beauty in the ashes.

Because this ability to see potential from eyes of love and acceptance is hard to come by these days, I enjoy sharing my perspective by creating and spreading beauty in the world. My heart has a lot of love and I yearn to make a mark on this world. This is how The Forgiveness Shop was born. 

 The Forgiveness Shop consists entirely of upcycled items I've found in the "discard" pile. My local thrift shop and yard sale community provide a rich selection of quality items that beg for a makeover. I am constantly and pleasantly surprised at the power of elbow grease and love have on things that people have thrown away. The satisfaction of polishing up an item to its real potential gives me a satisfaction that is unparalleled. 

I believe that physical reminders of forgiveness and redemption help inspire these altruistic acts in everyday life. I also believe that gifts from the heart can start difficult conversations that ultimately lead to reparation. I want to be the catalyst for more love and reconciliation. If one of my gifts or posts can be used to spread those in any way, my mission in life is complete.

I guess you could say I'm selling second chances. Are you in?

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