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Thoughts on Endless Forgiveness

Forgiveness cannot be boxed.
It is not a one-time event, not a "come to Jesus" talk or a single heartfelt prayer. It is not eye-for-an-eye, with more forgiveness for heavier sins and less for minor slights and "whoopsies". To think of it this way limits its effectiveness and boxes its power.

I often hear people say "When I think of Christ's Atonement, I am humbled to think of how many drops of blood were spilled for me." Though this is a powerful way of thinking of the saving grace of Christ, it is still limiting. I do not think of how many drops of blood were spilled. Its like trying to count the stars or all the leaves of the forest. Even my highest counts will miss the leaves on the grass beneath the trees or the glimmers of light deeper in space than NASA has discovered yet. Counting is quantifying and quantifying means it ends somewhere. Is there an end to love? The key to forgiveness is availability. When forgiveness is open to every person, ev…

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